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July 31, 2023 - August 5, 2023

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A luxury retreat for healing your Inner Niña


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Imagine not feeling guilty for taking time for yourself 

Imagine prioritizing your needs FIRST instead of everyone else's 

Imagine closing the loop on toxic relationship patterns

Imagine yourself ending the burnout cycle, which endlessly chases achievements, status, and productivity


Imagine feeling internally fulfilled, loving and appreciating yourself for who you are instead of what you can do

Imagine yourself showing up more confidently & empowered in your life

Imagine actually accomplishing that secret goal you’ve only been able to daydream about because you’re afraid you might fail

Imagine enjoying a consistent self-love and self-care practice because you've learned how to rest instead of "pushing through"




Vero specializes in providing business executives, entrepreneurs and parents coaching to reach their next evolution, level-up their performance, and ultimately transform their lives by tapping into their full potential. She advises clients on strategies to develop inner peace and lasting deep joy by mastering their habits and healing trauma.

As a Certified Virtual Life Coach, Vero supports high achievers in taking their work performance to a higher plane, achieving personal mastery and relationship success across all facets of their lives. Vero also curates healing wellness international beach retreats to fully release old patterns and process, heal, and integrate lessons from traumatic experiences so clients get out of their own way and step into their epic greatness.

Prior to starting her life coaching & retreats practice, Big Dream Consulting, Vero served as a vice president business banker and private banker, advising ultra-high net worth families across all facets of their business and personal lives for over 15 years. Vero grew up in South Central LA and is the daughter of Salvadoran immigrants. She has a BA and BS in business administration and Hispanic studies from Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA.




Nicole Torres is a Xicana, intuitive energy healer, empath, and founder of Ouroboros Healing who provides 1:1 and group support to womxn who are ready to heal from relational traumas.

Her work centers around the principles of self awareness, self compassion, inner child healing, and gentle reparenting to end the cycles of generational trauma. She guides her clients through the process of building more empowering relationships with others while radically transforming and repairing the most important relationship - the one with themselves. 


For the last 7 years she has been doing the shadow work, researching, and healing from her own generational trauma and narcissistic abuse. This led to a soulful calling to quit the film/tv production industry and dedicate her life to helping womxn reclaim their voice, self-worth, power and magick. Nicole is a 1st gen Mexican-American who grew up in El Sereno with her mom and grandma, and is a proud LA native. 



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Maritere M.
Corporate Paralegal

This work is perfect for anyone that is trying to find their life's purpose and creating action steps to achieve it. Also work on leaving behind limiting beliefs and past experiences that hold us down, in order to create space to move into the life we want to create, one that will bring true happiness and fulfillment.


Aleigh C.,
Stay at Home Mom

Nicole is so intuitive and has so many gifts that helped me out of me rut. Her guided meditations were healing and life transforming. The Akashic Reading that she did for me (and for the others in our group) completely changed my life and helped place the missing puzzle pieces that I had been searching for for years.

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Vanessa T.,
Vice President at a Fortune 100 Company

The biggest realization I had was that I have the power to change the trajectory of my life. It gave me my power back and I no longer felt lost with a victim mindset. Working with Vero is all about shifting your focus inward for personal growth.

This work is good for anyone who feels they need some clarity in life, are dealing with a life changing event, or are just looking for some personal growth/development work to reignite their fire


Emmalee W.,
Department Store Manager

I finally understand boundaries are a necessary and healthy part of a relationship. I have asked for and received multiple raises at work while at the same time finding a way to not work as hard by addressing the root causes of my perfectionism and people pleasing, and I am starting to see a bigger and brighter future for myself where I can live a life that is authentic and not dictated by what what other people think.


Welcome to your home away from home, a luxurious private villa to relax, heal, connect, and transform! 

When you arrive you will be greeted by concierge and walked to your room where you will access your own veranda and witness the breathtaking and relaxing panoramic view of the Negril ocean side coast.


This villa has sleeping arrangements for 9 special souls, an indoor and outdoor kitchen, private pool, and concierge assistance from our villa host, Jennifer and her team!

Single, private rooms are available for a VIP experience or shared rooms with double occupancy beds for those conscious spenders or social butterflies.

This gorgeous property comes secure with a gated private entrance and 24 hour surveillance so each of our guests feels safe and secure.  Private transportation to all excursions as well as to and from the Villa will be provided for your convenience. 





You'll receive a luxuriously relaxing, pampering and healing massage in your room's private veranda surrounded by lush tropical gardens. Imagine indulgent privacy, a total escape from your busy day to day.


tropical island EXCURSIONS

Experience Jamaica's golden sand 7 Mile Beach and turquoise, crystal clear waters as you sunbathe, play and integrate the powerful transformation from your inner work sessions. Reconnect with nature through stunning waterfalls and a rejuvenating limestone massage. 

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Private chefs & Sunset dinners

Fresh farm to table dinners in the outdoor kitchen & gardens, accompanied by the sound of birds, laughter and bonding with beautiful souls. Your private chef will curate a seasonal menu to delight your tastebuds and nourish your body, mind and spirit.  


Girls Night Out

Dress up, do your makeup, take allllll the pictures & videos you want as you enjoy a memorable dining experience, share your breakthroughs and cheers to YOUR transformation. The glow up is real! 



Self-love commitment ceremony & Reception 

A special way to honor who you are now, commemorate healing your inner child and recommitment to your future self. This unique ritual & celebration will be unforgettable on a cellular level!


Photo shoot

Allow your inner and outer beauty to shine during a private sunset photoshoot at the gorgeous villa. Your radiant smile, glowing inner peace and deep joy will be captured by a gifted local photographer. We'll end the session with group shots (photos and maybe real shots, teehee 🤭) and literally be living the dream! 



Ready to take your self-love, healing and confidence to the next level? Ready to let go of perfectionist guilt, people-pleasing tendencies and set healthy boundaries?

Then come to Jamaica with us this summer!


This retreat is like no other because of the unique balance of transformational mindset tools, healing experiences and intentional play. Nicole & Vero have over 15 years of combined shadow work healing experience and are experts in the fields of self-love, confidence, self-worth and relationships.


You’ll start with setting your intention for the retreat and over the course of six days be lovingly guided to connect with yourself on a deeper level. Every exercise will bring forth conscious awareness of what’s truly holding you back AND concise solutions to liberate yourself from habits that no longer serve you.


After the Alchemy of Self-Love Retreat you’ll feel confident in your choices, fulfilled and empowered to use your voice to set healthy boundaries.

Vero & Nicole have personally experienced the metamorphosis that comes from tending to and mending the wounds from intergenerational trauma, adverse childhood experiences, abusive relationships and societal pressures.

The blend of their personal and professional experiences in mastering their emotional habits, releasing limiting beliefs, and cultivating excellence as a habit makes them the perfect facilitators to guide you in your own transformation.


So, what are you waiting for?


Give yourself the BEST GIFT EVER and reserve your spot today!

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